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A fast pace Rat-Race life simulation game in development for mobile that takes life simulation and town management to the next level. Jones in the Fast Lane meets The Sims Meets Hungry Hippos!


Welcome to Rat Race Enterpriser!
Alpha Teaser

So... how's your day going?

Ratrace Enterpriser is a fast paced, high stakes life simulator for mobile based on the classic Jones in the Fast Lane of the 90s. Live your dream life and carve out success! Work hard, get education and skills to develop your career, build up your life style, or even start your own business! 


Competition is tough however with multiple players competing for the same opportunities, and in an ever dynamic economy industries fluctuate and go bust all the time, so you will constantly have to adapt, smart and fast.

Check out our trailers and a developer's blog, and we're also collecting stories so join the forums and share your story for the chance to be featured in the game!

What the experts are saying:





"Oh yeah, it's ok I guess..."

Random dude off the street





"What an amazing game!"

My mom





"Mortal Kombat is bloodier..."

Some guy in a bar





"Coming along, but it needs ewoks..."

Mate from work





"Look, it's early days..."

Semi respected games journalist, Games While You Garden magazine





"When are you going to cut this out and get a real job?..."





"Sir, that's very interesting and all, but I'm just calling to see if you have a few minutes to complete our survey..."

Call center guy





Features Trailer

The Team

Daniel  Cohn



Daniel is an established film maker and 3D artist, with credits on award winning feature films, TV shows and TVCs such as Mad Max:Fury Road, Lego Movies, Peter Rabbit, Thor, Transformers:Prime, and Game of Thrones.


Designing games since his good old toddler days, Daniel tries to convince himself that he is able to handle all aspects of design, direction and art, and is whole-heartedly convinced that this indie venture thing is a good idea...

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